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Most of my clients are agency-side. But I’ve held on to a small number of non-agency clients because they’re such a pleasure to deal with. The Chiminea Shop is one of them, the nation’s best loved patio fire supplier. They’re the go-to destination for a huge range of good-looking quality chimineas including rugged 100% cast iron versions, steel, clay, BBQ chiminea, fire bowls, incinerators and braziers, plus a comprehensive range of accessories.
Here’s what we’re aiming for and how we work together to achieve it.

Our content creation objective

  • The objective: To drive a steady uplift in traffic to a blog full of information that’s worth reading, help seal the client’s reputation as the best supplier in the country, improve natural search visibility and – ultimately – sell more stuff
  • The results so far: A 10% increase in blog traffic through May and June 2016, and strong signs the increase will continue

Collaboration is the name of the game

We have a collaborative blogging relationship. I keep an eye open for suitable blog post subjects. My contact at the Chiminea Shop does the same, and together we’ve developed a running list of potential subjects to dip into.
I schedule our two monthly posts into my diary at the start of every month, and we agree via email what I’ll be writing about. I write the post direct into their CMS, including the meta data, and save it in draft form for them to check. Then I make any changes and either publish or leave it to them to add photos and publish.

Writing around the subject

There’s plenty to say about the products on an evergreen basis, information that never really goes out of date. But at the end of the day there’s only so much you can say about the products themselves. So we avoid over-cooking high level keywords by talking widely around the subject, for example writing about how clay chimineas are made. Then there’s the firing process, chiminea recipes, history, fuel, safety, news, offers and bundles, even garden design… anything relevant and potentially interesting to visitors and chim owners. Drill down and there’s always something fresh to cover, whatever sector you’re in.

Why they’re so good to work with

I enjoy working with The Chiminea Shop because they know their digital marketing stuff. They understand the power of words in a marketing context. They’re genuinely enthusiastic about their products. And they’re efficient and responsive, which makes the practical aspects of the process a pleasure from start to finish.

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