Check your backlink profile with

You could spend the rest of your life exploring the vast and fast-growing collection of online tools designed to make your marketing life easier. Or you can ask somebody you trust to make a recommendation.

About the backlink profile analysis tool

Ahrefs is a backlink profile analysis tool. You use it to explore your site’s back-link profile, accessing real time data in a format that’s easy to grasp.

It comes highly recommended by my senior SEO industry contact. He loves it because the free version is excellent, perfect for small business owners and non-SEO agency use. It’s fast too – no long waits while it crunches through the numbers.

Why bother checking your backlink profile?

  • You can check your site’s popularity. Find out how many links point your way and where they’re coming from. And benchmark your link acquisition progress.
  • Google tends to prefer slow-growing, natural-looking back-link profiles. Ahrefs’ analysis comes with a cool graph showing back-links attracted over time, great for performing an instant visual check. As a general rule a nice, regular curve is what you want. Not massive increases over short periods of time, which can alert search engines to people playing the system. A sudden, dramatic rise in back-links or a rush of poor quality inbound links can also indicate someone nasty is targeting your site, using negative SEO in an attempt to damage your positions in the search rankings
  • You can use it to take a snapshot of competitor back-link profiles, check whether you’re missing a link building trick and follow their lead

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