Can I Help Communicate Your Covid-19 Exit Strategy?

We’re nowhere near the end of the Covid-19 crisis. It’s likely lockdown will last for quite a while longer. But forward-thinking businesses are already working hard to pin down a Covid-19 exit strategy, planning for an eventual return to something that’s hopefully rather better than normal.

I can help you express your Covid-19 exit strategy clearly and logically, in a businesslike way that generates trust and inspires your customers.

Why get help writing a Covid-19 exit strategy?

This is important stuff. You’re returning to business after what’s been an unusually long break, and you want to make everything as clear as possible for your audience.

At the same time, you need to be realistic. Nobody can predict the future. Plenty of businesses are finding the sheer uncertainty of everything is getting in the way of exit planning, but they’re finding innovative work-arounds.

Some are creating and publicising a Plan A, B and C, each dependent on a different future. Others are planning on a very fluid basis, making fast-changing announcements on their home pages and via pop-ups as the Covid-19 situation moves this way and that.

It’s always good to keep everyone updated, always bad to just go quiet and disappear. Keeping in touch shows your customer base and prospects that you’re not dead in the water, just waiting to open for business again.

I’d even recommend clearly dating your home page announcements so people can see your site’s still alive and kicking, and know you’re on the case.

Help writing Covid-19 content

  • Detailed, science-led blog posts
  • Punchy, positive home page announcements and email content
  • Articles rich in facts, packed with the truth

Sounds sensible? Get in touch.

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