Bugger mission statements – You can do much better than that!

As a dyed-in-the-wool direct marketer, I’ve always disliked mission statements. Here’s why, plus some information about what you can do instead to charm and delight new prospects a bit closer to a buying decision.

4 reasons why mission statements are bad marketing

  1. The first reason to forget about a mission statement is this: the name itself. It’s a mission. Which means you’re still en route. You haven’t arrived yet. Is that really what you want to tell your prospects and customers?
  2. Second, by its very nature, a mission statement is an internal thing, created to inspire staff and provide something solid to hang progress, focus, direction and planning on. Not something you let consumers see.
  3. Third, let’s be frank, far too many mission statements are just nonsense: pretentious, meaningless, vacuous. Fur coat and no knickers. The Emperor’s New Clothes. Others are miniature hells of dense corporate speak, as customer-unfriendly as it gets.
  4. Your mission statement is all about you. It isn’t about the customer. The most effective marketing communications are always customer-focused.

What to do instead?

You want to encapsulate everything you stand for simply and elegantly, so everyone who reads it gets it immediately. Drop ‘mission statement’ altogether and replace it with something customer-focused like What will we do for you? or What will you get? or Here’s why you’ll love us. Then write a short, sweet, benefit-led, customer focused statement that shows people exactly why you are the best choice.
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