Brighton Copywriter Sponsors Dog Poop Bin

red dog waste bin in a  green fieldYesterday I watched a lady scoop up her dog’s poop, bag it and surreptitiously stuff it into our garden compost bin, on the pavement awaiting collection. The lazy cow. Perhaps I should have sponsored a poop ‘n’ scoop bin for the verge outside our house…
As it is, I’ve sponsored a dog bin at Sheepcote Valley, the wild area bordered by Brighton racecourse, Whitehawk, Kemptown and Woodingdean. It cost less than two hundred quid and the price includes regular emptying by the council’s refuse partners, Wybone Limited.

Thank you, Brighton!

Poop bin sponsorship is my little ‘thank you’ to a remarkable city that’s given me more than three decades of joy, Brighton in East Sussex, home of my heart and the place I’ve lived since 1982.
The council did promise some minor publicity, which was lovely of them, but it hasn’t happened yet. If my dog poop bin sponsorship efforts eventually do my freelance copywriting business some good, so be it. I don’t mind either way. I didn’t even ask them to print my business name or url on the bin – not very marketing-ish of me, but I just wanted to give something back to the city I love.
Next time you visit Sheepcote Valley with your dog, sling the shit in my bin, would you? Everyone who uses the valley will appreciate it, including the council’s conservation flock of 1000 or so sheep, 250 of whom munch away at the grass up there between autumn and spring every year so the indigenous wildflowers can grow through.
If you’d also like to sponsor a dog poop bin in the Brighton and Hove area, let me know and I’ll give you the appropriate contact details.

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