Brand kamikaze – Disastrous copywriting fail?

What a great gift. The packaging’s print and production values are outstanding. The item itself is obviously very good quality, extremely well made and superbly finished. But here’s what it says on the box:
A good product after improving with meticulous care 16 times just real Complete Perfectly 16 What does time mean? How big is meaning? Only four words “carry it through” and then can succeed! If attain to give up the people’s approbation that can get today 15 times? At 15 with 16 among them want dispute how many? Believe you can’t estimate with me Let us tread slowly near This-perfect work.    

Copywriting fail – Can you tell what it is yet?

Believe it or not it’s an extremely smart wallet. And while it wasn’t cheap and isn’t a Chinese brand, it was manufactured in China.
What’s going on? Maybe a rogue marketer left the box copy to the manufacturer, who wrote something cool in Chinese then shoved it through an automated translation tool. Who knows. Whatever happened, the resulting pseudo-English is a real shock to the system when every other aspect of the product absolutely screams ‘classy’.
Whoops. Copywriting fail. Instant devaluation. Brand suicide!