Bored of Blogging About Marketing – What's Next?

Have you ever read through a bunch of recent blog posts and realised you sound cross, crabby and intolerant? Whoops… reading back a few of my recent posts I’ve realised I’ve been exactly that. How come? A rummage around my brain reveals I’m actually bored of blogging about marketing and content creation.

Bored of blogging about marketing and content creation

Over 600 posts into the blogging process, I have run out of things to say. Over the past ten years or more I’ve covered every imaginable area of evergreen content and examined digital marketing news from every conceivable angle. As evidenced by a chronic slow-down in my post-writing frequency, I am stumped.
On the other hand I know it’s important to keep on blogging. It pleases my audience, gives me something to share on social media, keeps my website current and fresh, and gives search engines what they need.

What’s the alternative?

What do I do instead? I think a change of tack is in order. Because my audience wants to know how well I write, it actually doesn’t matter that much what I write about. I just need to make it entertaining, interesting and compelling enough so people enjoy reading it, which says a lot about my writing skills.
From now on I’ll be writing about our new life in north Devon, where we moved in January, leaving our old home town of Brighton behind. I will, of course, also be interspersing these posts with stuff about new digital marketing trends. But the pressure’s off, and I’m actually looking forward to writing blog posts for my own site for the first time in ages.

How’s your blog doing?

Are you running out of things to say? Do you need to think creatively and write around your core subject, widening your remit, or take a different direction altogether? I spend a lot of my time writing blog posts for clients, and it’s often part of my job to come up with fresh ideas and subjects. If you’re lost in space and running out of ideas, maybe I can help?

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