Blow your own trumpet for business success

If you want people to be confident in your business, sound confident

Using uncertain language makes people feel uncertain about you. Here are some examples:

  1. Use we offer but not too often. Say we deliver, we give or we provide as well. They all sound reassuringly confident
  2. Rather than we can or we may, which leave room for error, use we will or we always
  3. Steer clear of saying our aim is or we aim to or our ambition is. They all sound as though you’re trying hard but you haven’t got there yet!

Of the following, which sounds better?

The first example is a real business directory submission. In the second all I’ve done is replace the wishy washy bits with firm, decisive bits.

  1. We offer top class accounting services to businesses. We can help you make your finances stronger. Our aim is to save you money!
  2. We deliver top class accounting services to businesses. We will make your finances stronger and we’ll save you money!