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Blogging is one of my most popular services. People are either too busy to keep their blog up to date, are less than confident in their writing abilities or don’t understand the SEO side of blogging and need support.

If you’re about to start your search for a freelance blog content writer, here’s my blog writing service Q&A.

About my blog writing service – Q&A

Q: What kind of brief do you need?

A: Some people give me a list of subjects, others prefer me to decide what to write about. You can be as prescriptive as you want, setting in stone information like post titles, the tone of voice you’d like me to use, your target audience, layout and so on. Otherwise I’ll just do a really good job according to today’s online marketing best practice.

Q: What about key terms and blog post optimisation?

A: You can give me your key term research and I’ll write about relevant subjects, including your key terms directly in line with the current SEO landscape. I don’t carry out key term research for my clients but if you need someone reliable to do it for you, I know a man who can! Alternatively you can use Google’s tools to do it yourself. There’s plenty of advice online. If you haven’t done any keyword research I’ll write relevant, interesting posts designed to inspire your audience without taking SEO into account.

Q: How long is a blog post?

A: You can ask me to stick within a specified number of words, for example 350, 500 or 1,000. But it’s worth thinking about asking me to write as much as needs to be written to do a good job, no more and no less. It’s not such a good idea to make an incomplete argument through lack of space and it’s equally silly to pad posts with unnecessary guff just to achieve an arbitrary word count.

Q: How many posts do you write per month for your customers?  

A: My blogging service involves writing a post every working day, one a week, two a month, monthly posts, whatever you need. In digital marketing terms the more often you update your blog, the better. But it’s entirely up to you.

Q: What does your blog content writer service cost?

A: I’m happy to do special deals on regular work and big projects. Otherwise I charge £60 an hour. Which means one-off, short term and infrequent blogging services work out roughly like this:

  • short blog post – up to 400 words – £25 each
  • medium post – up to 600 words – £35 each
  • longer post – up to 1000 words – £45 each
  • long posts – over 1000 words – £30 per 500 words

Q: Can you write direct into my blog? 

A: Some people prefer me to email over a Word doc so they can upload posts themselves. But it doesn’t take any longer or cost any more to write posts direct into your blog. It’s your choice.

Q: Will you write blog post meta data?

A: Just let me know if you’d also like me to create meta data. I can bring your key terms into play to make sure search engines know exactly how to classify the information, for £3 extra per post.

Q: When do you invoice?

A: I invoice at the end of every month. I never ask for a deposit or money up front.

Q: Do I need to sign an agreement?

A: No. I prefer to keep things simple. I trust you, you trust me, everybody’s happy, no messing about.

Interested in my blogging services?

Cool. Use my contact form to get in touch or give me a call and we’ll take things from there.

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