Blog power changes the food industry

As a freelance copywriter working from home, my only company during the day is BBC Radio 4. A recent edition of The Food Programme illustrated just how powerful the blogosphere has become. It appears food bloggers are taking the world by storm. They’re starting and ending trends. They’re creating new celebrities. And they’re making people fortunes.

A week or so later another R4 programme covered food photographers, again venturing into the blogosphere to marvel at the online manifestation of peoples’ fascination with the subject.

The business power of blogging

I know for a fact that this blog helps keeps my website visible on Google. I also know it nets me a fair amount of business. How’s your blog performing? Bloggers are already hugely influential across all sorts of sectors. Blogging is still a relatively new marketing medium and we don’t fully understand the long term benefits yet. And I don’t think blogging’s influence influence has peaked. Nowhere near. It’s powerful stuff.

If your blog is sad and neglected now’s a good time to give it a boost. As well as working a treat for SEO and delivering fresh regular content to your visitors, you might even end up a big cheese in the blogosphere. Jump on the bandwagon. Just ask me for a quote for writing regular blog posts.