About my blog post writing service

How long does it take you to write a blog post? Do you sit there for ages scratching your head, waiting for inspiration while you really should be doing something else?

If so, why not hand over to me? It’s faster, more efficient and I’ll even draft posts direct into your CMS for you if you like. Add a few quid extra and I’ll write the meta data, too.
Here’s some information about my blog post writing service.

How long does it take to write a blog post?

Writing a blog post can take ages when you’re not in the right head space, not 100% confident in your writing skills or too busy. But keeping your blog up to date is really important, firstly because search engines and people love fresh, new content and secondly because blog posts give you something to talk about and link to in social media.
Because I’ve been blogging for eight years, it’s second nature. I’m fast and efficient, which means my blog writing services are extremely cost-effective. If you charge your precious time at £60 an hour and it takes you two hours to craft a blog post, it soon gets painful. But when it takes me a quarter of the time to write something twice as good, you’re onto a winner.

Freelance blog post writing service prices

I charge £60 an hour, which is less than some copywriters, more than others. In an hour I can write two good, detailed blog posts of 500-700 words each. Having said that, I prefer to write as much as I need to do the subject full justice rather than sticking to a specific number of words. Which means my clients almost always get a lot more than they pay for!

Daily, weekly, fortnightly, ad hoc… whatever you need

Blogging services are probably my most popular offering. I write ad hoc, daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly blog posts for a broad range of clients, everything from environmentally friendly heating systems to business services, digital marketing, pet products and fashion to charities, wedding rings, artisan bread, wood finishing products and more.
With me it’s a love thing. I adore writing posts worth reading: insightful and accurate, intelligent and interesting, wholly relevant, targeted to the right audience, formatted properly, with keywords taken into account whenever I’m given them.

What’s the perfect blog writing brief?

Some people provide no brief at all. Some give me a one-line brief, others hand over anything from a bullet list of points to a link or an in-depth briefing document. Some ask me to edit posts they’ve drafted themselves, improving them across the board, and others want me to come up with suitable blog post ideas myself. I’m happy either way – it’s entirely up to you.

All about blogging resources

Once I’m on board I’ll keep notes of breaking news, trends, NPD, new tech and research in your sector, all handy for blog post ideas. Because I listen to BBC Radio 4 all day while I work and read New Scientist magazine every week, I’m never short of ideas for subject matter.

An experienced commercial writer

My direct marketing industry experience helps no end. Not because I turn every post into a miniature sales pitch but because I put plain language first, know how to structure and organise a message succinctly and clearly, understand how important it is to hold people’s interest and am experienced in making even the most prosaic subject matter spring to enticing life.
Add a great deal of digital marketing knowledge and plenty of experience working in business to the list, everything from blue chips to start-ups, and the advantages of using a ‘proper’ writer are clear.

You need freelance blog writing services – what comes next?

Get in touch and we can take it from there. Here’s what happens:

  1. I give you a quote and we agree it (I give discounts for regular blogging)
  2. You give me a subject or I think of a suitable, relevant subject myself
  3. I write a post, either in Word for you to upload or direct into your CMS as a draft
  4. If you want me to change anything, you let me know and I do it straight away
  5. If you want more, we’ll carry on and I’ll diary your posts a month in advance, letting you know the dates I’ll be writing on
  6. I send an invoice at the end of each month or at the end of the project, whichever comes first

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