Bing Places for Business opens in Britain

A few weeks ago I tried to list my freelance copywriting services in Bing Places for Business. Sadly it wasn’t available in the UK. But last week I got an email from Bing saying Places was now open for business in this country. Excellent!

Seduced by beautiful Bing

I am so shallow. Seduced instantly by the beauty of Google when it first launched because it presented a clear, well-designed alternative to the visual chaos of Yahoo and the rest, I have been seduced all over again by Bing’s gorgeous images.

Plus, from a more businesslike perspective, I’m becoming less and less happy about putting all my search eggs in one Google basket. So I’m spreading my wings to include Bing.

If you’re fed up with living in a one-horse town and want your site to rank somewhere other than Google, you can add your organisation to Bing Places for Business here: Add your UK business to Bing Places. It’s a very good start.

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