Billions of backlinks? Google buggers things up…

I’m a big Google fan. But they’re far from perfect and sometimes they really bugger things up.

Whoops – Billions of backlinks!

My bloke, who works in SEO, had a quick peek at my site’s backlink profile yesterday only to discover Google reckoned I had about 8 billion back-links. Literally. It’s very odd since I know for a fact I’ve only generated about forty.

Checking again this morning, Google now thinks I have 10,100,000,000 back-links. Well done me, I’ve managed to increased my link profile by an unfeasible amount in my sleep. Lol!

If I was a bad guy, black hat firmly on head, I guess I might have been able to generate zillions of backlinks using one of those naughty automated link building tools like Xrumer, created by a bunch of creative Russian dudes. But my hat is as white as it gets. I’m squeaky clean.

Does it matter?

As long as Google doesn’t take exception to my vast, unwieldy and highly unlikely backlink profile and penalise or de-index my site, it’s nothing more than a silly anomaly. As it turns out, it disappeared an hour or so later. Good old Google. Bless ’em.

Here’s a screen shot for your amusement and delectation.