Big packaging, little chocolate – Customer disappointment

I adore chocolate. But Easter eggs are funny things. You get this massive box, beribboned and gilded with fancy print and luscious shiny bits. You fight your way through the packaging, only to find a disproportionately tiny chocolate egg inside. Oh, shame. What a let down. 

Customer disappointment – The Easter egg conundrum

Easter eggs? They’re all mouth and no trousers, fur coat and no knickers. But because the Easter egg window is only a couple of weeks wide, everyday market forces don’t apply. In the real world, a product that never failed to disappoint would have bitten the dust in no time. And the amount of packaging would have been cut down to size long ago, in line with the environmentally responsible Zeitgeist.

I’d be much happier with less packaging and more chocolate. I bet we all would. Manufacturers don’t even need to make the packaging any less fancy. Just improve the chocolate to packaging ratio.

It’s an artificial hothouse of a market so there probably isn’t much financial incentive for manufacturers to deliver on the packaging’s fancy promises. But it’d be lovely to be thrilled and surprised by an Easter egg for once, instead of disappointed!

What about your products and services?

Do your products or services disappoint? Is the expectation much more than the reality? Have you waxed far too lyrical, fibbed or exaggerated? If so it’s time to rein things in and be more honest about the stuff you sell.