BBC Radio 4 PM Newsletter – The best thing I've read all day

What makes a great newsletter?

I love Radio 4’s PM programme. It’s a feast of information and entertainment, excellent blog post inspiration and my favourite offline way to stay abreast of breaking news.
PM’s newsletter is a triumph too, unlike so many others. It dares to have a personality. It dares to be wry. It invariably makes me giggle. It’s intelligent and relevant. Creatively, the newsletter is about as stripped back as it gets. Just straight text. And unlike most newsletters, you can actually reply to it. Here it is, the best thing I’ve read all day.

Friday’s PM Newsletter

BBC TV Centre, 13.20, Friday.
In the fifth and final part of his landmark series tonight, Roger Harrabin reveals that parts of Roger Harrabin have been melting away for the past 20 years. If this erosion carries on at the current rate, Roger will have completely disappeared by the year 2156. He has already asked me for some financial support and I won’t lie to you I have given VERY generously. He took my cash and said something about Rio which I took to be a reference to the Earth Summit. I’ll miss him if he does indeed completely disappear in the 22nd Century.
I have a lot of coffee on Fridays. A LOT.
The programme tonight is so European you’ll be able to smell it. Greek elections, Emma Jane Kirby in France on the Front National (please use a French accent to say it. I can wait. Go back and try it).
There. We’ll also discuss baby hatches in Germany. If you don’t know what they are, you will by the time you’ve heard our discussion. Hugh Sykes will report from Egypt.
In Previously, we offer a listener a LOT of airtime. I think the celebrity introduction is very easy to guess but see what you think tonight.
See you at 5,
Eric Cantona.