Bad prospects Karma!

Sometimes a new client just isn’t worth having

It’s a clear case of bad Karma. Life is too short for this kind of thing, so it’s good to know bad prospects are incredibly rare.

  • An SEO agency prospect asks me for a quote
  • I give them the detailed information they ask for
  • they request an inadvisably high, downright dodgy keyword density, which I question
  • we exchange several more emails
  • they agree my quote
  • I write a free copywriting sample
  • they love it
  • the brief arrives, within which they try to beat me down on price after they’ve agreed it
  • I refuse politely
  • they send an incredibly lengthy email justifying themselves
  • I stand my ground and recommend they find someone cheaper!

Good grief. And all in the space of a working day, taking up more than two hours of my time.
Thank goodness most people are wonderful, honourable and consistent. I do my level best to pull out all the stops for my clients, with whom I love working. But really, that was taking the piss. Pardon my French.