B2B marketing – Remember who you're selling to

B2B marketing – AKA business to business – is a different kettle of fish from B2C, business to consumer. But you’re still communicating with people. That bit doesn’t change.

Communicating with your fellow human beings

Too many B2B marketing efforts are aimed squarely and impersonally at organisations, corporate entities and business owners instead of humans. Just because you’re in business doesn’t mean you are the business. You’re an individual. And like everyone else, you’re a consumer. Just because you work in a business it doesn’t mean you’re a business-speak robot.

If your B2B communications and marketing are dry as dust with a thick corporate skin, think again. Treat your target market like human beings and they’ll respond to your offers better.

You can’t beat empathy for shining a sensible guiding light on things. Read your B2B copy as if you’d just received it yourself. If it makes you want to cry, break things or fall asleep it’s probably time for a fresh approach!