Avoid preaching to the converted

Say you’re selling freelance copywriting services. People looking for services like yours already know they want a freelance copywriter. So is there any need to explain why it’s a good idea to use a freelancer?

Nope. They’ve already grasped the concept. You could go into detail in a blog post or on another page, but it isn’t necessary on your home page.

Many people find it difficult not to over-egg their sales message. They can’t resist adding unnecessary information. But take a step back. If someone has searched Google for services like yours, it’s highly likely they already know they need them. And they know why they need them. The only thing they don’t know is why you are the best person – or business – for the job.

What do I say on my home page, then?

Instead of preaching to the converted, be brave. Have the courage of your convictions. Focus your sales message on why prospects should choose you instead of someone else. Tell visitors why you’re the best of the bunch. Don’t waste their time explaining a concept they’ve already grasped.