Avoid doorway pages – they're bad news

What is a doorway page?

  • a doorway page is designed purely with SEO in mind – a page absolutely stuffed with key words and phrases
  • because it is created exclusively to rank high in search engine results, it doesn’t take human visitors into account
  • it will either contain a link to another site or will automatically re-direct you to another site

Why are doorway pages a bad idea?

They’re frowned upon because search engine algorithms are written to provide humans with the best possible search experience. Doorway pages take the mickey by trying to cheat the system. They dilute search engines’ effectiveness.

Are doorway pages considered ‘black hat’?

Yes. While a sneaky doorway page might deliver a temporary spike in traffic, you risk a stiff penalty from Google and co if you’re rumbled. Cheating search engines isn’t worth the bother. It takes just as much effort as legitimate marketing. If your search engine optimisation person suggests doorway pages, drop ’em fast before they get your business into trouble.