Are you ready for the grey revolution?

The UK population is steadily getting older. We’re having fewer children and living longer. 

Is your business prepared for the grey revolution?

British advertising and marketing has focused relentlessly on the youth market for decades. But as the population ages, wise businesses are preparing to hit the ground running and meet the grey market head on.

Planning ahead, today’s business owners are making sure their websites meet the needs of a thriving older market as well as satisfying a fast-shrinking pool of under 25s.

You don’t have to write especially for older people. It’s much subtler than that. The idea is to craft your communications so they appeal to the broadest possible age group.

How to communicate across every age group?

The most effective way to communicate across all age groups is to use plain English, write with confidence and flair, explain yourself clearly, be honest, avoid jargon and slang… and make it exciting while you’re at it.  Get it right and you’ll maximises the appeal of your products, whatever age your prospects happen to be.

Good communication is good communication… full stop. If you suspect your site is missing a trick, hire a freelance copywriter and make sure your site hits the sweet spot every time.