Appeal to Small Businesses in North Devon – Answer Your Emails!

Our North Devon home dates back to 1670, a cob and stone cottage with a 1990s extension. It had been neglected by the previous elderly owners and we needed help with various bits and bobs: new radiators, a carpet in our home office, electrical expertise, a plumber, someone to service and fire up the Rayburn, someone to quote for fitting a cat flap in a UPVC door, someone to make and decorate a cake for a special birthday. 
What’s going on? North Devon isn’t the wealthiest of places so you’d think a business enquiry would something people would jump at. Is it because there aren’t enough professionals of various kinds in our part of the country, not enough expertise to meet local demand? Is everyone too busy to reply? I hope so. Or is it mostly down to technical glitches?
On the bright side, when you do get a reply it’s fast and polite. They turn up when they say they will. They take the time to do a superb job, even when they’re rushed off their feet. Such a joy. We’ve met some excellent people, interesting and fun as well as really good at what they do. But it makes me wonder how many small business around here are missing opportunities through not looking at their inboxes, mis-configuring their email or forgetting to check their spam folders.

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