Answer silent questions for extra home page power

Visitors arrive at your site for the first time seething with silent questions.

About silent questions

Here’s an example. If your site advises people about anger management, first time visitors’ll probably be unconsciously wondering things like:

  • I need help. Can I find out more about anger management here?
  • I wonder how angry I really am. Can I evaluate my anger levels here?
  • I’d love to talk to someone face to face. Can I book a course or a workshop here?

People don’t want to waste time searching for these basics. A good anger management website would answer visitors’ silent questions clearly – with no frills – up front. There are several ways of doing this:

  • Using copy headers and subheads (recommended)
  • In your first paragraph
  • Within your site’s header design
  • Prominently elsewhere within the page

So, your anger management index page headers and subheads might read:

  • Header: Find out about anger and how to manage it positively
  • Subhead 1: How angry are you? Take a quick test!
  • Subhead 2: Book effective, life-changing anger management workshops here

The more time you can save your visitors, the more likely they’ll be to stick around, buying or doing the stuff you want them to. If you don’t satisfy their silent questions early on, they’ll click away to someone who does.