Always write positive web content

wordpressThe smallest things make a big difference. Take the word ‘just’

Just is great for indicating how simple an action is; just send us your email address and we’ll send you a million pounds or whatever. But it can be dangerous too.

All WordPress-hosted blogs come with the text Just another WordPress Blog in the header. Ouch. Why ouch? You can change the text instantly the minute you start formatting your blog. So does it matter? I think so…

  • ‘Just’ devalues the blog instantly and effortlessly
  • WordPress blog software is simple, intuitive and flexible. There’s no ‘just’ about it. It is excellent. So they’re doing themselves a disservice too

One four letter word. A tiny thing with a dramatic impact

My advice to WordPress? Drop the ‘just’. Simply saying ‘Another WordPress blog’ would help, although it’s neutral and dull. But saying something like ‘Another wicked WordPress Blog’ would make their offer shine a lot brighter.

WordPress; lovely people and a brilliant product. Let down by uninformed copywriting and lacking a direct marketer’s keen and beady eye…