Always put internet users first

Whatever medium you’re using and whatever you want to achieve from it, it’s always best to put internet users first.

Search engines love to give users the best possible online experience. When you put the user experience first, Google and co look on your website favourably. That means pleasing internet users in general – the online community – as well as those who visit your site.

How do you know what’ll keep internet users happy?

Easy. You’re an internet user. Ask yourself what an excellent online experience means to you. You’ll probably come up with something like this:

  • finding really exciting, interesting, relevant information
  • discovering a site that’s fantastically logical and easy to use
  • reading without a struggle because it’s clear and well laid out
  • getting exactly where you want to be in the minimum possible number of steps
  • finding the information you need at a glance
  • tracking down unique knowledge that’s written with authority and expertise
  • buying cool stuff in a few clicks without faffing about
  • enjoying the perfect site that covers everything you need in one place