Always check your site content in situ before signing it off

It’s important to check raw website content when it’s in draft form, expressed as a Word or .txt document or whatever. But seeing new content in context gives you a final vital chance to weed out any imperfections. 

Wise site owners like to check new site content in situ before signing it off. Here’s why:

  • it’s easier to see if the new copy works in sympathy with the design to make the biggest possible impact
  • it’s easier to spot areas where the flow could be improved to make your message clearer or more powerful
  • it helps you spot areas where the formatting could be changed to improve response and conversion
  • stuff like stray formatting errors, duplicated words and weak arguments are easier to spot on-site

How come it’s easier to spot improvements to content in situ?

It’s probably very simple. Presumably you’re experiencing the copy in a fresh visual context so improvements leap out at you. Whatever the reason it’s a foolproof way to make 100% sure your new website content works as hard as it can.