Above and below the fold… what's it all about?

Recent research shows that website visitors spend 80% of their time ‘above the fold’.

What does above the fold mean?

It’s all the stuff you can see without having to scroll down a web page.

Obviously people do scroll down. The point is, they pay much more attention to the information at the top of a web page than they do to the content that appears later. It makes sense to prioritise your most important and strongest points – ie. those that drive sales – at the top of your page, with supporting information and fine detail further down.

If there’s stuff below the fold that you really want people to see, for instance free delivery details, put a strong visual prompt at the top of the page to encourage them to scroll down.

Like so much ‘new’ marketing wisdom, the relative importance of below/above the fold content to sales isn’t new at all. Successful direct marketers have been putting less important information below their real-life paper folds for decades.