Freelance copywriting – The power of words

Once upon a time I went to Brighton College of Art and Design, I’ve worked in marketing sector for thirty years. While I don’t actually do marketing any more, I use all my experience and creative skills in my freelance copywriting work.

I work with people here and abroad. Some of my clients have been with me for years.

A bit about me – Welcome to my freelance copywriting world!

Originally from Middlesbrough in the industrial North East, I lived in Brighton for many years, the vibrant gay capital and new media hub. What a giggle that was. Now I live near the north Devon coast with my husband and our cats, Dave and Steve.

Give me a slice of Battenburg cake or some liquorice and I’m your best friend. I’m a Socialist, environmentalist, and atheist. As a volunteer Shepherd – a ‘Lookerer’, I helped look after Brighton & Hove City Council’s thousand-strong conservation flock for six years. I love a hard long distance walk.

Llove is the answer, along with random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. A deep creative streak colours everything I do. Soul, jazz, funk, disco, dance and House music move me. So do red, orange, brown and pink. I dislike blue and melt at the skylark’s tumbling song. The wallflower has the most heavenly scent. Cow parsley signals springtime.

I love language and write for fun as well as money. Because I’ve set myself a nice, generous work-life balance you get great quality writing from a relaxed, happy person who isn’t driven into the ground by mental-crazy deadlines.

You can email me at kate@wordcat.co.uk or call on 01271 858437 or 07976 737243.

If you have any questions, give my FAQ a go.