Freelance copywriting – The power of words

A graduate of Brighton College of Art and Design, I’ve worked in the direct marketing sector for almost thirty years. While I don’t actually do marketing any more, I bring all my marketing experience and creative skills to bear on my freelance copywriting work.

I use words to make vivid pictures, create strong messages, and build interest. My content persuades, informs, interests and inspires people, supports brands and drives better conversion rates. I work locally, nationally and internationally, and many of my clients have been with me for years.

A bit about me – Welcome to my freelance copywriting world!

Here’s a bit about me. Whether you like or hate the sound of me, I’ll do a top job of your freelance copywriting project!

Originally from Middlesbrough in the industrial North East, I lived in Brighton for many years, the nation’s vibrant gay capital and a powerful new media hub. These days I live in an old farm cottage a stone’s throw from the remote north Devon coast, with my digital marketer husband and our cats, Dave and Steve.

Give me a slice of Battenburg cake or some liquorice and I’m your best friend forever. I’m a Socialist, environmentalist, and lifelong atheist. I’m a volunteer Shepherd – a ‘Lookerer’ – and I helped care for Brighton & Hove City Council’s thousand-strong conservation flock for six years. I love a rugged, long distance walk. I have never bought The Sun.

I believe love is the answer, along with random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. I have a powerful, deep-seated creative streak that colours everything I do. I adore soul, jazz, funk, disco, dance and House music. My favourite colours are red, orange, brown and pink. I dislike blue. I melt to the skylark’s tumbling song. My favourite flower is the wallflower, because of its heavenly scent, and cow parsley is magical because it signals springtime.

I love the English language and write for fun as well as money. Because life is far too short and lovely to spend with my nose to the grindstone, I’ve set myself a nice, generous work-life balance. And that means you get great quality work from a relaxed, happy person who isn’t driven into the ground by mental-crazy deadlines.

The rest of this page talks about how my writing, storytelling, freelance copywriting and marketing skills will help you do better business.

You can email me at kate@wordcat.co.uk or call on 01271 858437 or 07976 737243.

If you have any questions, you should find the answer here.

How my words make your business work better

  • Creating benefit-led content that your audience will appreciate
  • Harnessing best marketing and SEO practice to help you engage with more people and inspire them to buy
  • Structuring your content so it’s easy and enjoyable to read
  • Explaining complex concepts, products and services elegantly and clearly
  • Taking what search engines need into account so they can explore, classify, rate and rank your content properly

You know blogging is one of the simplest and most effective ways to add fresh new content to your website, pleasing Google and keeping site visitors engaged. But you just don’t have time to do it and your blog is looking badly neglected. Help! Luckily I’m here to get your blog in good shape.

Whether you want to blog once or more a week, once a fortnight or just once a month, together we’ll get you where you want to be.

Looking for blogging services? I’ll write posts for you

Some of my clients don’t have time to blog. They’re too busy growing their businesses. Others are excellent at running their business but not so hot at writing. That’s fine – copywriting is a specific skill, and there’s no real reason why you should be a natural.

If you don’t have the time, inclination or internal resources, I’ll manage your blog for you. My service works in a variety of ways. Just choose the way that suits your circumstances best.

Finding subjects to blog about when you don’t have the time

You might already have a list of blog post subjects as long as your arm. Great! I’ll chug my way through them. On the other hand you might not have the faintest clue what to write about. That’s cool as well. I’ll provide lists of post ideas to choose from. We can even keep a running list between us, that we both contribute to.

It’s good to write about your products and services. ‘How to’ guides are an excellent idea. The full suite of evergreen content is a must. But once you’ve nailed the basics, what else do you talk about? As a New Scientist subscriber, BBC Radio 4 fan and voracious reader, I’ll help you broaden your subject matter to discuss subjects around the edge of your core offering and beyond, creating a blog so wide-ranging, interesting, varied, entertaining and relevant that people will genuinely enjoy reading it.

Helping you identify the right keywords

If you’re keen to specify keywords to use in your posts I’ll gladly factor them in, in exactly the right way, without putting you at risk of a Google slap for keyword stuffing. While I don’t carry out keyword research for my clients, I’ll point you in the right direction – there’s masses of great information online.

Support with your blog – I’ll write meta data for you

Meta data is essential, helping search engines pin down exactly what your post is about and people decide which links to click on in the search results pages. I can write attractive meta titles and meta descriptions for you.

Freelance copywriting extras – I’ll upload posts for you

As well as writing posts for you, I can upload them for an extra fiver. So all you need to do is proofread them and press ‘publish’. Just bear in mind I don’t source images.

I’m fluent in a wide range of CMS including WordPress, Joomla, Shopify and Bluepark. If your blog sits on a CMS I haven’t used yet I’ll soon pick it up. They tend to be ‘much of a muchness’ and there’s plenty of advice and guidance available online.

How long should a blog post be?

I never specify word limits for posts. It’s not helpful. Instead I do a top class job of every post, whether it’s 400 words, 800 words or more. It’s the quality that matters, the fact that you’ve done an excellent job by covering the subject properly from every angle.

10 good reasons to use my freelance copywriting services

Why use my freelance copywriting services? There’s no fuss, no hassle, no stress. All you need to do is point me in the right direction.

  1. My clients deserve honesty and straight talking – I’m not scared to say it like it is
  2. Having been freelance for years, I take the initiative so you can relax
  3. Your content is informed by almost three decades of direct marketing experience and an extremely creative brain
  4. You’ll find me positive, fair, professional, calm and efficient
  5. I never miss a deadline
  6. Having worked in business for years, both agency and client side, I know how the commercial world works
  7. You will never be charged more than my quote – it’s my job to quote accurately in the first place
  8. If you need them, the first set of copy amends are free
  9. I don’t invoice you until the job is completed
  10. I never ask for money up front

Want to contact me?

You can email me at kate@wordcat.co.uk or call on 01271 858437 or 07976 737243.

How freelance copywriting works

I’ve given you a quote. What next? If you’re happy with my price and want to go ahead, here’s what you can expect.

  • I communicate by email. It’s the perfect way to ensure everything’s safely in writing
  • I put your project in my diary, to suit your schedule
  • I ask you for supporting information, anything that helps me get a clear picture of your needs
  • I write the copy and send it to you on the date we’ve agreed
  • I ask any questions I come across in writing, within the first draft
  • You check the copy and send it back to me with any changes you’d like me to make, plus answers to my questions
  • If you want me to make more than one set of changes to your copy, I charge £60 an hour
  • I email you with a date for the finished version, and send the final draft to you on the agreed day
  • If you’re happy, you say so and that’s that
  • If you ask me for extra work on top of the original brief, I’ll quote you a reasonable price
  • I invoice on a 30 day basis, although most of my lovely clients pay straight away

FREE direct marketing expertise thrown in

Unlike many copywriters I have a great deal of experience in the wider business world, having worked for a variety of blue chips, medium and small businesses before I went freelance. My direct marketing experience means I throw in useful DM advice as a matter of course, whenever I think it’ll help.

Want to contact me about freelance copywriting?

You can email me at kate@wordcat.co.uk or call on 01271 858437 or 07976 737243.

About content marketing

In a world where there’s so much media noise we’re deafened by it, the only way to grab someone’s attention is to give them exactly what they want. In other words the finest quality content, whatever the project, whether it’s a website, blog post, advert, email message, auto-responder, white paper, internal communication, press release, article or direct marketing collateral.

Content marketing means creating quality online content to help you attract and keep customers. When you create content your audience loves to read and share, they spread the word about your brand, your business, your expertise… all that good stuff. And sometimes they link back to it.

Google ‘notices’ your content being shared and linked to, and assumes it’s because your message hits the right mark. The better job you do, the better people and Google like it and the higher your natural search engine results pages positions can go. Plus the more people enjoy your content, the more loyalty they’ll feel to your brand.

I write great content that ticks all the content marketing boxes:

  • Relevant
  • Intelligent
  • Interesting
  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Targeted
  • Timely
  • Consistent

About great content

What does a professional content writer bring to the ecommerce party?

  • Meta data makes it clear to search engines and humans what a post or page is about
  • Web pages flow perfectly, attract attention, sound really appealing, drive response and encourage people to buy
  • Press releases generate valuable back-links to your site and help with site visibility
  • Blog posts are a brilliant way to keep a site fresh and exciting, and including keywords helps with SEO
  • A consistent tone of voice matters because integrating everything packs a stronger overall marketing punch
  • A gentle direct marketing focus encourages responses and sales

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is the same as a content writer, someone who writes commercial content for businesses, online or offline. Commercial writers generate content for business-to-business marketing projects, business-to-consumer or both. Although there’s a great deal of creativity involved, a copywriter doesn’t write novels, stories, plays or poems for a living. A copywriter writes to sell.

What does ‘writing to sell’ mean?

  • Empathising with people, giving them the information they need to make good buying decisions
  • Structuring the information so it’s easy to read, scan and pick out key points
  • Ordering the information logically, creating a sales message that makes the benefits crystal clear
  • Picking out key elements of the sales proposition to focus the reader’s mind
  • Applying direct marketing best practice and principles
  • Adding the indefinable sparkle that makes reading a pleasure
  • Doing all of this in plain English, writing the way you speak

Why consider keywords?

Keywords are all about giving search engines what they want. Search engines use words to explore, classify, rank and rate websites. They like optimised website content because it helps them do a proper job, giving users the best possible search experience.

You’ve probably heard marketers say content is king. These days optimised content is about much more than including the right keywords and phrases. Google and the other major search engines insist on content that’s well written, unique, informative, useful, in-depth and up to date.

If it involves words, it’s worth doing properly. That’s what I do. Writing with human users and search enginesin mind keeps everyone happy and maximises content’s impact.

On-page SEO – Freelance copywriting for search engines

Here’s how my work helps businesses attract and hold people’s attention.

  • I write interesting, relevant, SEO-aware content based on your own keyword research
  • People share it on social media and search engines take note
  • Your search engine ranking positions eventually improve and visitor numbers increase even more
  • Visitor quality also improves, a by-product of good ongoing keyword research
  • Happy people spend more time on your site
  • Sales conversion improves, repeat business increases and you make more money

Want to contact me?

You can email me at kate@wordcat.co.uk or call on 01271 858437 or 07976 737243.