A Twitter poem in six 140 character tweets

Just for fun… in case you missed my Twittter poem last week on Twitter itself, here it is again: a true short story in six 140 word tweets.

Twitter poem – The Superhuman

In old Ibiza town, rounding a dusty, sunset-drenched, high-walled corner, heat blinded and dizzy, we’re stopped in our tracks by…  a vision.

At least seven feet tall. Somewhere between Roman statue and Greek god. Striding through the low slung late sun’s rays, casting huge shadows.

Bronze smooth. Glistening musculature moving like solid brass Victorian machinery. Dwarfing the ancient, higgledy-piggledy Ibizan buildings.

Wearing pure white buttock-peeping shorts. Gigantic Caterpillar boots. Navy blue and white sailor cap set jauntily upon sculpted blonde hair

Bare chest with gleaming six pack slabs. Dazzling turquoise eyes. The chiselled jawline of a Mills & Boon hero. Vast Desperate Dan fists.

Scented, oiled and beaming, he crunches past us along the sandy road leaving two ordinary mortals astonished and amazed in his splendid wake.