A Private Utopia – Welcome to My Fantasy World

Watch the news too often and you’d be forgiven for thinking we live in a dystopia, a place where nutters rule, common sense is dead, and stupidity is the name of the game. No wonder so many people are turning away from current affairs.
As ordinary people we’re almost powerless. We can’t make things better, can’t halt the tsunami of madness. Our  leaders mostly ignore the threats of climate change, ignore the suffering of our fellow beings. Instead they focus on internal squabbling, nest-feathering, one-upmanship, war-making and party politics.
I’m sick of politics, politicians and their power games, rampant nationalism, unkindness, short-term thinking, racism, anti-science policy-making, ignorance, arbitrary human-created borders, false news, prejudice, and intolerance. The only way I can make myself feel better is by creating my own private utopia. It’s a fantasy, of course. But when reality is so unpalatable, it’s where I retreat. Welcome to my world.

My private utopia

In my world there’s no hunger, no poverty, and no borders. There’s enough food to go round because we’re not divided into nations. We’re just people, and we share our resources. We realised ages ago that nationalism is a crazy approach when pulling together works so much better – and we’ve simply rubbed out all the pointless borders we had created.
In my world the colour of people’s skin is completely immaterial – nobody even notices, never mind takes exception to it. My utopia is rich in the species we’ve managed to drive to extinction. There’s plenty of room for wildlife, plants, trees, and we value them as much as we value our own lives. Our rainforests are not being destroyed to grow palm oil, nor cut down to clear land for mining. And we don’t frack. We’re not that stupid.
Instead of individuals like Trump, Mbeki, Mugabe, Zuma, Karimov and co, we have grounded, honourable, sane individuals to lead us. People like Obama. Instead of serving themselves, their political parties and big business, our leaders serve the people who vote them in with evidence-led policies. People like our current local north Devon MP, who openly supports illegal hunting with dogs and wants to protect tax havens for the rich, don’t get a look-in.
The wealthy 1% – whose riches definitively do not trickle down to the rest of us – don’t exist. We dumped them a long time ago. There’s no House of Lords either. They’ve been replaced by a House of the People, made up of members of the public.
We are all paid a generous universal wage, the same wage for everyone, and if we want to make more money, we can. Nobody has less than they need, nobody is left in need. We look back at the bad old days of consumerism with disbelief. These days banks serve their customers, not their shareholders. In fact there’s no such thing as a shareholder, since that turned out to be a really daft idea.
Nuclear weapons are a thing of the past. We’re too busy co-operating for the common good to build machines to kill each other. And climate change is on the wane. We’ve reduced our CO2 emissions so dramatically that we’ve managed to swerve the worst of the threat. And we’ve learned our lesson: no more fossil fuels. We’re dedicated to renewables, and it’s working well. Our world is getting more beautiful by the day.
We’ve ditched religion. People can believe what they like, that’s cool, but religion is a personal choice that stays personal, stays private. Nobody starts wars to salve the feelings of imaginary deities, nobody indoctrinates their children, nobody gets killed, tortured or bullied because of their beliefs – or lack of them.
Guns? We’ve decided they’re one of the worst human inventions of all time. Along with the combustion engine – the second worst idea ever – they’re long gone. And as a woman I am equal, completely equal to men, with no strings attached. Our genders don’t matter. There’s no sexism, no racism, no anti-gay nonsense, none of that rubbish.
In my world the list of the most dangerous drugs is headed by tobacco and alcohol. Everyone’s kind to animals. Nobody abuses children. We live together peacefully in a stunningly lovely world that we take pride in looking after, as a matter of course, for future generations.

What would your utopia look like?

If you could escape the melee for your own private world, what would your utopia look like?

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