A nifty bit of loyalty marketing from the AA

You don’t need to make big, expensive or complicated gestures to build customer loyalty

A mysterious package arrived yesterday. I opened it to find a brand new copy of the AA’s Big Road Atlas of Britain. So new you can smell the ink. Complete with a tipped-on CD of the Highway Code. Plus a short 3 paragraph letter headed ‘Many happy returns’. Cool.

Apparently we’ve been ‘members’ of the AA for almost two years. And the free road atlas is a token of the AA’s appreciation.

Our home and motor insurance are both with the AA because they delivered a really good deal. While I don’t drive, Tony does. And although he has SatNav, anyone with an ounce of sense knows that slavishly following the nice electronic lady’s directions doesn’t always get you where you want to be. You can just as easily end up on the edge of a cliff or in
a cow byre.

The marketing bit…

The AA’s letter says we’ve been members for ‘almost’ two years. That means our renewal date is coming up. So they’ve sent out a free road atlas to encourage renewal.

We appreciate the gesture. I imagine most people would. The letter didn’t have a whiff of a sales proposition. It was clear, simple and nicely written in an informal yet reassuringly professional tone.

Provided our premiums haven’t gone up, I’ll renew our policies. We probably would have renewed anyway. But getting a free gift just before renewal leaves enough of a warm, fuzzy feeling to tip the balance… should it need to be tipped.