A look at the future: science, ecommerce and more

It’s the end of another busy year. Search engines still use words – and little else – to identify, explore, rate and rank websites. And freelance copywriting is taking off like a rocket, fuelled by SEO’s rapid entry into the marketing mainstream.

So there’s a growing demand for people who can string  words together logically and elegantly with a strong sales focus. But what else is going on in the wonderful world of t’internet?

What’s on the marketing menu for 2011?

As 2010 closes, scientists are still chasing the holy grail of quantum computing. Superfast wireless is on the way one way or another, potentially via antennae that use plasma to focus beams of radio waves. And in labs all over the world materials scientists are working on novel conductors that’ll make chips run faster without burning out. So our internet experience is set to improve radically. Perhaps in 2011, perhaps later. But the race is on to find the best technologies for the job.

Market-wise The UK is the planet’s biggest e-consumer, the world’s largest per capita ecommerce market. And we enjoy the world’s second biggest online advertising market. So the future’s looking bright for British online businesses despite the economy’s woes.

If you’re a late adopter with an offline business that hasn’t gone online yet, or a brand new business, there’s still infinite potential online. The internet’s growing and changing every day and, as a marketing and advertising medium, it’s in its infancy.  So go make money!

All good news. We’re lucky to live in very interesting times. Here’s to 2011.