A great direct mail letter: Case Study

A lovely piece of direct mail

A great piece of direct mail arrived this morning. And that’s not a sentence you hear very often! So much DM is poorly targeted rubbish. But online shop and gallery exoticindia.com’s mailing is different. What a beauty.

Why’s it so good?

  • It has been targeted perfectly; I’m a frequent and loyal customer
  • The last time I ordered I had a wonderful customer experience
  • They send offers very rarely. This is my first mailed campaign and I was really chuffed to get it
  • It arrived in a beautifully thick, pure white non-window envelope, absolutely top quality
  • It is printed in full colour and – remarkably – the logo is delicately embossed
  • The paper is such good quality it’s almost edible. At least 150gsm
  • The letter is short, straight to the point and personalised
  • It is really well written and exceptionally polite, with a strong call to action and clear instructions
  • The offer is simple, straightforward and well worth taking advantage of
  • The timing is spot on, Christmas being eight weeks away
  • At the bottom there’s a neat little summary of what the site offers to whet the appetite
  • They reiterate their excellent delivery services: 48 hour despatch, no shipping or handling fees and Fedex 3-5 day delivery

‘Nuff said. I capitulate happily without a murmur. As soon as I’ve finished copywriting for the day I’m going shopping. It just goes to show, when direct mail is good it can be very, very good.