9 steps to natural link building with quality content

Quality content is great for readers…

… and there are also plenty of online marketing benefits.
The idea behind quality content is to attracts links through sheer brilliance, delighting people to such an extent they’d bite their arm off to pass it on to everyone they know. Which sounds fair enough and makes common sense. But how does it work behind the scenes?
This is the rough sequence of events leading to what Google calls ‘natural’ backlinks.

9 steps to link building with quality content

  1. Fresh content is added to a website
  2. The owner shares and promotes it through social media, business networks and marketing campaigns
  3. Google crawls and indexes the content, determining the most relevant keywords based on the words used in it, any onsite links and the way it’s referenced in social media
  4. People who visit the content share it with their communities and contacts
  5. Other site owners become aware of the valuable new content and link to it from their websites, making it accessible to their communities and contacts. These are 100% natural editorial links and Google adores them
  6. Google detects the links and analyses their context, taking into account social shares, indexed key terms and related terms
  7. People searching Google for key terms and related terms find the content in the search results and click on the listing to view the page
  8. Google records how long people spend away from the search results, a measure of how relevant and engaging they find the information. The longer they stay on-site, the more popular it appears in Google’s eyes, which in turn reinforces and sometimes improves the page’s organic rankings

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