9 ways a professional copywriter will help your business fly

You’d hire an electrician to sort out your wiring. You’d go to a doctor if your leg worked itself loose. And because commercial writing is a specific skill, you’d go to a professional copywriter when creating your website content. Right?

Is your web content fine, but not as good as it could be?

A random website scanning session reveals that not all website owners bother hiring a copywriter. The result? Sometimes absolutely fine, if a bit amateur. Others not so good – rambling, poorly constructed copy. Weak messaging stuffed with features, bereft of benefits. Reams of dense, boring blurb. No calls to action…

Obviously bad copy isn’t half as dangerous as letting a cowboy electrician loose on your wiring. But it can be expensive.

What happens when you get the copywriting bit wrong?

If you alienate, confuse and bore visitors you lose out on trust, brand equity, sales revenue and growth opportunities.

Here’s how a proper freelance copywriting pro’ will help your business fly.

  • by making an immediate, powerful impression on your prospects and customers with concise, beautifully written marketing and SEO-led website content
  • by extracting the absolute essence of your product or service, making the benefits completely clear in an interesting, informative way
  • by expressing the perfect tone of voice and communication style for your organisation. Convincing the media savvy, soothing the sceptical and satisfying the chronically impatient
  • by creating scan-friendly copy. People scan web content in an unconscious effort to find things fast via visual clues. Organising content into short segments with clear, bold headers and subheads helps visitors scan effectively: instant gratification!
  • by giving your material a fresh, new perspective. Less able to see the wood for the trees, you might not pick up on new angles, USPs and marketing messages. A good copywriter will extract these and communicate them for you, loud and clear
  • by suggesting different key search terms and phrases to describe your organisation and products, helping you increase your website’s visibility to search engines
  • by writing killer headlines and subheads: inspiring and informative rather than whacky and whimsical, a strong structure promotes clarity and understanding
  • by taking it personally! The internet isn’t a corporate boardroom. Good copywriters strike the right tone by writing the way they speak. No frills, no jargon
  • by saving you a load of money on agency fees. Averaging around £40 a page, a freelance copywriter won’t break the bank. And because you pay on a project by project basis, it makes copywriting really easy to budget