8 crazy mis-types for May: Shithamster!

Like most of us, I wasn’t taught to type. I learned on my own, through trial and error, progressing from a painfully slow hunt and peck to simply rattling along.  I still can’t touch type even though I clock up a remarkable number of words per minute. 

The positive side of typing in a wholly amateur yet speedy manner is the mis-types that creep in. Luckily I catch them before they shock, disgust or scare away my clients!

It’s that time of the month again, where I showcase the best mis-types over the past few weeks. Number seven is still making me giggle…

Funniest mis-types for May

  1. Fury friend (furry)
  2. grid your loins (gird)
  3. quick foxes (fixes)
  4. blurbells (bluebells)
  5. keep the wolf from the dork (door)
  6. incite (invite)
  7. shithamster (administrator!)
  8. shite (share)

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