7 sensible things to do if your search positions are pants

It’s more difficult than ever to maintain decent site visibility with Google’s ‘Panda’ and ‘Caffeine’ updates causing mayhem and more algorithm changes on the way.  

What can you do if your website is invisible to searchers?

Thankfully while the internet offers countless excellent opportunities to promote your business, SEO isn’t the only way to attract punters’ attention. And offline marketing still packs a considerable punch.

Here are 7 common sense tips to drive business your way, even if your search positions are pants.

7 tips for better website visibility

  1. If your products or services are unusual or unique, you’re in luck. The internet is only a competitive landscape when you’re surrounded by competitors. If you’re the only business doing what you do, or making what you make, SEO won’t be such an issue: when people search Google and co. for your stuff, your site should pop up perfectly naturally on page one
  2. Bite the bullet and set up Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and/or Bing Pay Per Click campaigns, giving your business instant visibility in the search engine results pages no matter what’s happening in the world of natural SEO
  3. Do inbound marketing, treating every prospect like a precious commodity and nurturing every lead carefully through the sales journey
  4. Use online direct response advertising , for example banner ads, to drive interested people your way
  5. Get to grips with database marketing, testing different offers and approaches to a series of good quality, up to date, intelligently targeted bought-in lists of warm prospects
  6. Use Facebook and Twitter to create awareness and promote your brand. And use YouTube as a trusted platform for powerful video communications
  7. Revert to offline direct marketing, using every trick in the DM book to drive visitors to your website