5 core B2B marketing tips

Vital statistics – Crucial B2B marketing tips

Seven fundamentals? A drop in the ocean. The tip of the iceberg. But this selection comes from the pointy end of fundamental…

1. Put your target audience at the heart of your campaign. Knowing your target audience is critical to any successful marketing strategy. It’s so worth taking the time to identify and analyse your target market before doing anything else. It’ll inform everything: your copywriting, design, product development, services… giving you a distinct advantage over the competition.

Find out whether they share a common age, attitude or geographical spread. Do they all have the same needs? If so, what are those needs? Do they prefer to communicate formally or informally? Do they understand specialist jargon and if so, to what extent? Establish where they congregate so you can target your marketing direct to them: social or business networking sites? Trade bodies? The national press? Trade magazines?

Check that your sales propositions, products and services dovetail with their needs. In short find out exactly who and where your prospects are, what they want and how they want it. Then give it to them.

2. Build a database and keep adding to it. Your target audience isn’t static. New players will arrive on the scene, others will go out of business. Your target audience itself might change as your business changes focus. A database is a living thing.

3. Never stop marketing! It takes at least three views of a TV advert before a viewer gets to grips with the content, concept, offer and call to action. The same goes for marketing: frequency is key. It isn’t something you do for a while then stop. It’s a continual process. Memories are short, the world moves on and even the most fantastic campaign will soon be forgotten. And common sense says that while your business is always at the forefront of your mind, it’ll rarely be the focus of your prospects’ attention.

To make the most of marketing’s potential you need to hammer your sales propositions, offers, services, key benefits and brand home regularly. Via intelligently chosen, highly relevant media. Using the appropriate tone of voice and communication style. Repetition also has a positive long term effect on trust. Because – one way or another – you’re always on your target audience’s radar, people soon realise that your business is appropriate for their needs, legitimate and successful.

4. Be consistent. Unless you keep your marketing materials and copywriting style consistent, your target audience will think you’re slightly off key. Just mad enough to be disconcerting! Experiencing consistent logos, tag lines, colours, tone of voice and USPs month on month, they’ll begin to recognise and trust you. Consistent doesn’t mean boring. It just means that you make exciting, stimulating, inspiring and compelling communications within the framework of a familiar brand.

5. Always include calls to action. Without a strong, clear call to action you might as well be saying, “Am I bovvered? Does this face look bovvered?”. A compelling call to action is powerful magic. Provide full contact details to make the action as pain-free as possible: email address, website address, snail mail address and telephone numbers. A contact name wil give your call to action extra impact.