6 top places to go for blog and newsletter inspiration

Some people are full of ideas. Others run dry all too easily

Are you a veritable mine of blog post and newsletter article ideas? Or do you dread your daily blog post and detest writing your monthly newsletter?

If you’re lost in a creative desert here’s my top 6 places to find copywriting inspiration:

  1. breaking news – Twitter is a great place to catch trending topics
  2. BBC Radio 4 is full of scarily intelligent people talking about extremely interesting things
  3. New Scientist magazine covers the science bit, from economics to sociology, biology to genomics, astrophysics to chemistry, artificial intelligence, space travel, robotics and nano-technologies… something for everyone
  4. subscribe to the best of your your sector’s trade press
  5. buy ‘The Week’ magazine, a little gem that condenses the world’s most important top news in one neat weekly publication
  6. search http://www.theonion.com/ for irreverent up-to-the-minute US content fodder