5 top tips for improving your copywriting

Here are five top tips for clear, compelling communications whether you’re marketing, advertising or simply communicating with people.

5 simple copywriting tips

  • don’t use a long word when there’s a short alternative. Use free instead of complimentary. Use expect instead of anticipate. Use buy, not purchase
  • slash ‘n burn! If you can cut words out, do it. Say miss, not miss out on. Say men instead of male personnel. Say free instead of for free
  • express yourself actively instead of passively. Active is always shorter and it’s much more personal. When you express yourself actively you ‘own’ what you’ve written rather than distancing yourself from it. Say we will write the report rather than the report will be written. Say I’ll get in touch straight away instead of you will be contacted straight away
  • avoid jargon when there’s a plain English equivalent
  • buy Kenneth Roman and Joel Raphaelsons’ excellent little book Writing that Works – How to Improve Your Memos, Letters, Reports, Speeches, Resumes, Plans and Other Business Papers