5 top SEO copywriting tips for beginners

Here are my top 5 SEO copywriting tips

If you can manage these and you have a talent for the written word, you’ll be well on your way to creating copy that search engines and humans enjoy.

  1. focus hard on one high-performing key term per page instead of watering things down by trying to crowbar too many in
  2. get your meta data in good order for each page, using your chosen key term sensibly in each page’s <title> and <description> tags
  3. use your key term often enough so search engines and people get the picture… but not so often it sounds awful
  4. start your header and sub heads with your key phrase so search engines are in no doubt whatsoever what each page covers
  5. use emboldening, underlining and lists to make it clear to everyone concerned what’s the most important information on the page

Just remember SEO isn’t everything. It’s no good on its own. You need to bring direct marketing practices and principles into play too. Done right, SEO led on-site content will help drive loads of keen visitors your way. But if your content is rubbish, focusing too hard on SEO and not hard enough on what people need, they’ll leave without buying.

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