5 tips for writing an effective website content strategy

If you’re doing the right thing and updating your website regularly, it’s a good idea to write yourself a short, succinct content strategy document.

Why? Because  if you don’t have something to refer to it’s all too easy to wander off track and end up off-message, losing sight of keywords and messing up your customer journey.

5 top tips for creating a simple content strategy

  • define your tone of voice. All this means is the way you sound. Your content should be plain English, approachable and professional
  • note down the different types of content  you want to focus on. There are loads of ways to create new content. My top five are monthly pdf newsletters, blog posts, testimonials, daily status statements and portfolio links. Why not take advantage of every possible kind of content? Because you’ll buckle under the workload and your site will probably end up a dog’s dinner
  • decide how often you’re going to create fresh content. And stick with your timetable… regularity is really important
  • make sure your new content doesn’t muck up the customer journey. Check you haven’t created confusion, contradictions, distractions or extra steps in the buying process… every time you add something new
  • always relate new content back to your top keywords and key phrases so that every new item works as hard as possible to improve your site’s visibility