40% of online buys are influenced by offline campaigns

When was the last time you did offline marketing?

Offline marketing isn’t very fashionable at the moment. Everyone’s so excited about social media and SEO that real-world marketing has been trampled underfoot in the rush. But a recent iProspect survey highlights the value of offline marketing.

Apparently almost 40% of online searchers make a purchase after being influenced by offline media campaigns. That’s stuff like television adverts, local and national newspapers, free papers, magazine ads, the trade press, radio, posters, billboards, brochures, fliers, leaflets, postcards, promotions, advertorials, point of sale materials, catalogues and direct mail.

Here’s what influenced searchers most

  • TV ad 44%
  • word of mouth 41%
  • newspaper or magazine ad 35%
  • radio 23%
  • billboard ad or poster 13%

So there’s still a clear business case for integrated marketing across multiple media, online and offline. Some things don’t change.

Say all you can afford is a tiny direct mail campaign. Provided it’s targeted as tightly as a gnat’s chuff, and well considered, it should have a positive impact on sales. And you’ll also benefit from the sum of your exposure and brand equity being larger than the constituent parts. Which is exactly what integrated marketing is all about. Go forth and integrate!