39 steps to better sales conversion

You’re generating visitors like nobody’s business. But you’re sales conversion rate is flat lining. Why?

Here are 39 things to test, to see if they boost sales.

39 ways to improve sales conversion rates

  1. Add new interactive content, say a video. If you already have a video on the page, remove it and see what happens
  2. Test different creative approaches
  3. Don’t talk about your business on your home page. Make sure it covers your core value proposition instead so visitors can see exactly what’s what up front without having to click elsewhere
  4. Test different pricing structures
  5. Make sure your proposition is crystal clear, removing unnecessary ‘padding’
  6. Re-write your sales copy and test it in case something about it was putting people off
  7. Highlight benefits first, features second, pairing them together for a bigger impact
  8. Sound friendly, approachable and human
  9. Test adding social media sign-up  as well as email signup
  10. Ask for the minimum amount of information – say people’s first names – at signup stage to make the process ultra-clean and speedy. You can ask for more when they buy, or later on
  11. Remove sign-up altogether – just let people do their thing unimpeded. Or make it a choice instead of an obligation
  12. Make it as simple as possible to buy from you, cutting the process to the bare bones and removing as many steps as you can. Make one-click purchases your holy grail!
  13. Make it easy for people to ask questions by phone, text, email, IM, skype, web form or chat to cover the full range of preferences
  14. Give a choice of response mechanisms to suit every taste. Or cut down the number of choices to see if that’s what people prefer
  15. Re-do your FAQ so they answer people’s questions better – don’t use FAQ as an opportunity to sell stuff, use them to support your customers’ needs
  16. Make one proposition at a time. Multiple messages are confusing
  17. Test the content, timing and frequency of follow-up emails until you hit the sweet spot
  18. Test free delivery
  19. Look at ways to improve your offering and differentiate it from your competitors
  20. Analyse your customer base and see if there are any clues about how to tailor your message more closely to your target market’s needs
  21. Change the length of your free trial to see if it affects conversion
  22. Test what happens when you add/remove a phone number. When I tested removing mine, email responses plummeted so I put it straight back!
  23. Hone your online forms so they’re as straightforward, short and simple as possible
  24. Check customer complaints and feedback to see if there’s a pattern
  25. Check your webstats for clues about the time people spend on your site and at which stage they click away. Do they leave your ‘buy now’ or confirmation page in droves? If so, why?
  26. Provide PayPal to save people having to type in their card details
  27. Add customer generated content like testimonials and quotes
  28. Test whether a case study pushes conversion up
  29. Ask yourself if you can improve your imagery’s appeal – quality, creativity, variety, clarity, relevance…
  30. Manage expectations at every stage in the sales process so people know what’s in store: ‘buy in 2 clicks’ or ‘instant download’
  31. Test an infographic
  32. Weave long tail key phrases into your copy and drive tightly-targeted traffic to your site: people who are at a late stage in the sales funnel, at the tipping point of a buying decision
  33. Ask people straight out why they didn’t buy
  34. Add industry body logos to build trust and credibility
  35. Include strong, clear calls to action and test different versions to find the best performer
  36. Do what you say you’ll do – if you say it’s fast and easy to apply, make sure it is
  37. Think about design – test different page layouts and colour schemes. Most sites are laid out in much the same way and it’s best not to go too far off piste because it means things aren’t where most people expect them to be
  38. Make sure your site loads like shit off a shovel. A few seconds feels like hours when you’re hanging around waiting
  39. Offer free content to tempt sales

How do you know whether your efforts are bearing fruit?
Make changes one by one and see which has the biggest impact. Some initiatives might have no effect at all, others might bring about profound changes in the way your visitors behave.
P.S – Good tip: keep a copy of the original files when amending your web pages so you can re-upload them in seconds if something goes pear shaped.