24 Reasons You'll Adore My Blog Writing Service

You’re short of time. You need a blog writing service. You contact a bunch of content writers.
Two of them never bother to get back to you. One phones and keeps you on the line for forty minutes, just waffling. One demands a full brief with every tiny, wafer thin detail pinned down, t crossed and i dotted before they’ll make a move. One quotes you an absolute fortune. One obviously can’t spell – you can tell by their reply. And the last one sends you a sample so badly written that your three year old would have done a better job.
Argh! It happens. And it’s so frustrating when all you want is a simple blog writing service, someone to take blogging off your hands, steady professional support from an expert who won’t waste your time. Here are 24 ways my blog writing service saves people like you hassle, stress and money.

How my blog writing service makes people like you happy

  1. I’ll help you make the most of ‘evergreen’ content, covering every angle and providing all the essential basics your visitors could possibly need
  2. I don’t need a great big, massive brief. I can easily work from a one-liner or a list of bullets
  3. If you don’t have time to dream up subjects I’ll do it for you, keeping a running list of inspiring ideas and adding to it over time so we always have a good choice of post titles to choose from
  4. If you’d like me to write a meta title and description for each post, that’s no problem at all
  5. If your site sits on WordPress I can fill in basic Yoast SEO plugin details for each post if you don’t know how
  6. I will write in the right tone of voice, the same tone you use on your website. Or create a suitably attractive tone for you if you haven’t pinned one down
  7. Because I understand the principles and practices of Plain English, people will always find your posts a pleasure to read and digest, easy and smooth
  8. I can be funny if you like… or totally serious
  9. If you want to write a sales-led post or several, that’s cool – 30 years in direct marketing means I can write to sell
  10. If you don’t know how to drive your content management system I can upload blog posts for you, so all you need to do is proofread it, add an image and press ‘publish’
  11. If you upload your own content, I’ll provide each post in a Word doc or in an email, simplicity itself
  12. If you want to provide posts for me to edit, I can do so in Word or Google Docs
  13. Because I have a good understanding of on-page search engine optimisation, I’ll make sure your blog posts give search engines everything they need to classify, rank and rate each blog post accurately
  14. While I don’t carry out keyword research myself, I can point you in the right direction and explain, in plain language, how it works
  15. I’ll make sure every post is the right length to do an excellent job the subject in mind, rather than implementing an arbitrary maximum word count
  16. I’ll write in plain English, writing the way people speak, with no jargon or corporate nonsense, so your audience understand even the most complex messages and feel they can trust you
  17. I will recommend good quality, relevant backlinks to add to posts whenever they arise, something search engines appreciate because they create an even better user experience. If you don’t know how to include links I’ll do it for you, and make sure they’re ‘nofollowed’ to help protect your reputation in the longer term
  18. If there are any internal site pages relevant to a post I’ll recommend linking to them, and I’ll put internal links in place if you need me to
  19. I’ll remind you to send me post titles on a certain date each week or month, if you need a reminder
  20. I will write posts daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, any frequency you like
  21. I will help you achieve a good variety of relevant content in your blog, whether that means articles and features, how to guides, image-focused posts, contests, new product launches, reviews, testimonials, the science behind things, new research and insight or competitor analysis, you name it
  22. I invoice at the end of each month
  23. I always let you know dates for the month ahead’s posts in good time, so you know exactly when your content will arrive
  24. If I come across a great post idea that would work for you, I’ll email it over for you to think about

If that sounds good get in touch, let me know what you’re after and I’ll send a quote. Then we can take things from there.

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