22 secrets to a successful autoresponder campaign

Autoresponder messages can deliver huge hikes in % sales. But a campaign that hasn’t been thought through properly can result in chaos, not conversion.  

22 ways to maximise the impact of autoresponder messages

  1. think carefully about how many autoresponder messages you schedule. It’s better to come up with a sensible, intelligent strategy than drive people nuts with endless reminders
  2. remember there’s no marketing virtue in sending autoresponders just for the sake of it
  3. think equally carefully about the timing – when’s the optimum time to hit people?
  4. take a new angle each time instead of repeating stuff you’ve already said
  5. put yourself in readers’ shoes before you sign off your text. Would you be happy to receive it?
  6. be truthful and honest – as well as being wonderfully disarming in a marketing context, transparency has an strong ongoing positive effect on your brand
  7. keep it short and sweet
  8. format your messages cleanly with bold headers, frequent subheads and short, digestible paragraphs
  9. make sure the subject line is compelling enough to inspire people to open your message…
  10. …and ensure it’s easy to tell the message is from you, not some stranger
  11. always include an opt out, whether you’re marketing B2B or B2C. While it isn’t always a legal requirement, it’s good direct marketing practice and good manners
  12. include a powerful call to action – don’t leave readers dangling
  13. make response as simple as possible. If you want readers to go somewhere or do something, provide a clear link in a sensible place
  14. include full contact details in every message to boost credibility
  15. use plain English and avoid jargon
  16. focus your message on the benefits inherent in your products or services, not the features
  17. keep your ego in check if you feel tempted to wax too lyrical about how brilliant your company or offer is
  18. remember to set up your system so it removes people who have already responded or you’ll confuse them no end
  19. test different messages against a control to see which pulls the best response
  20. roll our successful campaigns across the board
  21. remember that times and tastes change – keep testing regularly so you know you’re still on track
  22. set up a very brief ‘thank you’ message for responders

If you’re not 100% confident you can handle writing successful autoresponder copy, hire a freelance copywriter who’s fluent in all this and more.