21 tips for successful email marketing

Planning email marketing? Here’s a list of twenty one key actions that’ll help your campaign stand out from the spam.

21 ways to make email marketing work

  1. Keep it short or people won’t bother reading it
  2. Write in plain language, never use jargon
  3. Make one single rock solid proposition, avoid multiple propositions
  4. Keep your tone calm and tell the absolute truth
  5. Avoid using too many exclamation marks, colours, font sizes and styles
  6. Make believeable, realistic propositions. People are put off when an offer seems far too good to be true
  7. Format your email into short paragraphs split by headers and subheads for 100% visual clarity
  8. Use a friendly display name in the ‘from’ box rather than a bare email address
  9. Write a strong, compelling subject line that encourages people to open your message
  10. Use your company name in the subject line to enhance trust
  11. Provide an opt out every time
  12. Buy or build your own targeted lists of opted-in prospects. Always avoid illegal lists
  13. Include full, accurate contact details in every message
  14. Don’t forget your call to action… and make it work HARD
  15. Make life as easy as possible for people who want to respond. If you want people to visit a web page include a direct link in the body of the email
  16. If someone asks you a question reply as fast as humanly possible
  17. Remove people from your mailing list immediately on request
  18. Test different approaches on small segments until you’ve established what works best. Then roll out
  19. Send your email at a sensible time… not at midnight, not 9am Monday morning, and not during December and August when half the northern hemisphere’s on holiday
  20. Collect and analyse campaign results accurately then use the intelligence they deliver to improve future campaigns
  21. Don’t expect magic. Despite what some people and organisations claim, online marketing is just as challenging as offline marketing always was. There are no miracles and no short cuts. Exercise persistence, determination and patience