20% of Google search queries come from mobile devices

Mobile search just keeps on growing. The latest? Google says 20% of search queries are coming from mobile devices. 

You don’t want to alienate 20% of potential visitors

Mobile web isn’t going away, it’s here to stay. If you haven’t done it already, check how your website displays and performs on small screen devices and do it across as many devices as you can. The easiest way is to ask friends, family, colleagues and social networks to have a look for you.

As a general rule the simpler your site, the better it’ll work on a small screen. If yours looks terrible, doesn’t work properly, or both, there are two options:

  • Redesign your site giving it a flatter structure and sticking to clean, clear html
  • Design a separate site to handle mobile traffic

The first option is often the cheapest and easiest. Plus it gives you a heaven sent opportunity to make a better job of your online presence. Luckily Google and co. prefer simplicity because simpler sites tend to deliver a better visitor experience. So you might even find your overall site visibility improves too.

Update for 2015 – There should be no need to design a separate mobile site. These days WordPress and all the best CMS include automatic responsivity.