18 steps to recession-proofing for businesses

A wobbly economy isn’t always bad news. The strongsurvive

So prepare yourself. If things are slowing down a bit, review your marketing to gain a good, muscular competitive edge. Are you:

  1. doing enough marketing? A slow-down means you might have to work harder to get new customers and keep
    existing ones
  2. spending money in the right places? Test new media to establish response & conversion rates
  3. stuck in a rut? Review your existing media and campaigns, check ROI then act on your findings
  4. spending more than necessary on print? Check in case you can buy it for less
  5. posting profligately?! An A5 brochure, newsletter or catalogue can cost much less to post than A4
  6. sending out stuff by snail mail when you could easily email it?
  7. thinking creatively: reacting to current affairs swiftly and eloquently to raise your profile?
  8. up to date with your market: who they are and what they want from you?
  9. maximising the marketing potential of new products or services?
  10. releasing regular press releases to beef up your visibility?
  11. making the most of up to date SEO techniques?
  12. integrating your campaigns intelligently across multiple media?
  13. happy with your pre-sales, sales and post-sales materials? Could they work harder for you?
  14. grabbing every opportunity along the customer journey to communicate positively with people?
  15. updating your website often enough to keep search engines and repeat visitors keen?
  16. certain your website content is doing the best possible job of attracting, keeping and persuading visitors to buy?
  17. comfortable with your brand and what it projects to your target market?
  18. satisfied that your marketing plans still accurately reflect what your business is trying to achieve?

Get this lot right and you should be fit enough to fight a blip, a slow down or even a full blown recession!