11 straightforward ways to improve sales conversion

Conversion is the percentage of website visitors who ultimately buy from you. For example if you get 1000 site visitors a day and 19 of them buy something, that’s a 1.9% conversion rate. Attracting people to your site is one thing. Getting them to buy is another. Here are eleven common sense ways to increase sales conversion.

11 ways to increase sales conversion

  1. create clear, compelling, inspirational sales copy, targeted directly to your core audience’s needs
  2.  lose the small print, avoid jargon, turn every potential negative into a persuasive positive
  3. make it easy for prospects to ask questions. Then deliver the answers as fast as possible
  4. make buying a clean, smooth, logical and pleasurable experience. The more complex, longer or exasperating you make it, the fewer people will stick it out to the end
  5. provide plain English reassurance about security and privacy in the right places, at the right times
  6. cater for everyone’s needs by giving people a choice of ways to buy wherever it’s practical. Online, over the phone, in writing…
  7. …the same goes for payment methods. The more choice you give, the more prospects will be able to buy from you
  8. use a buyer’s name – personalising the buying process helps people feel a human connection with your business
  9. build and manitain a good, trustworthy reputation by fulfilling orders quickly, efficiently and politely
  10. keep your prices competitive. If they’re too high you’ll lose sales to your competitors no matter how much you spend on SEO, advertising and marketing
  11. test different offers, prices, descriptions, images, sales processes etcetera until you identify the best converters