Freelance Copywriter Services

Helping businesses grow and thrive with clear, attractive words

Hello! How are you today?

It’s July 2024 and I’m at almost full capacity this month. I’ll do my best to fit you in if you need urgent words!

You want people to find your company online, trust you, buy things, come back for more, love you, and say good things about you. I’m Kate, an experienced freelance copywriter, and I’ll help you do exactly that.  

I’ve worked with businesses and web design agencies in the UK as well as Europe, Malaysia, the US and the Middle East. Many years in marketing, including ten employed by SMEs and Blue Chips and seventeen as a freelance writer, means I know where you’re coming from. I’ve been working online since before Google was born and I understand what search engines want.

I’ll help you by:

  • Presenting your business clearly and beautifully
  • Interesting and entertaining people with great blog posts and articles
  • Writing new web pages and rewriting old ones
  • Showcasing the benefits of your products and services
  • Inspiring people to talk about you and follow you on social media
  • Taking search engines into account

Freelance copywriter services

I love what I do. So do my customers. Get in touch with me for:

  • Blog posts, articles, white papers, site pages and landing pages
  • Product and category descriptions for ecommerce

Contact me

If you need an experienced freelance copywriter, get in touch. You can email me at If you have any questions, give my FAQ a go.

Kate on social media

Most people come to me through word of mouth or Google search. Now and again I post on LinkedIn. Other than that I don’t use social media for work. I’m too busy actually working 😉

FREE content sample

We can dive right in. Just contact me for a quote. Or I can write a free sample to help you make up your mind. Email me with what you’d like me to write about – a one-liner will do – and I’ll send a short test sample over. If you like it and like my quote, we can take it from there.

How much does freelance copywriting cost?

If you’d like me to quote for a writing job, email me and I’ll get right back to you. My prices are fair, sensible, affordable, and in line with other experienced copywriters.

Insulate Britain - Just Stop Oil - Green Party - EU - Hunt Saboteurs - New Scientist - Extinction Rebellion.
Insulate Britain – Just Stop Oil – Green Party – EU – Hunt Saboteurs – New Scientist – Extinction Rebellion.